Benue state Nigeria

Benue state is a town of the capital Makurdi, located mideast of Nigeria and is considered a rich agriculture region, also known as “The Food Basket of The Nation” originated it’s name from the Benue River. The town is a local trade center for the yams, sorghum, millet, rice, cassava, shea nuts, sesame oil, peanuts (groundnuts), soybeans, and cotton raised by the┬ápeople of the surrounding areas.

Pictured above I am humbly invited to watch the daily activity of the people from this tenacious culture while surviving from natural resources. I caught up with two local inhabitants transporting full water pots on their heads (a common tradition) from a local river about half a mile away back to their hut. Afterwards we sat alongside the river and watched the children play and jump in the water. For dinner we ate the vegetables grown in the garden and chicken (one I had seen earlier) in a campfire setting. Earlier I was fortunate to also visit a children’s orphanage

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